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NGWE YI PA LE' Group was established on (March 3, 2014) with Registration No. (157004956) of the Myanmar Directorate of Investment and Company Administration. Leads subordinate companies and handles administrative matters. It has a total staff of 3030 (Cement Factories, Mines and Sales Department, Management Department, Human Development Department, Accounting Department). CROWN CEMENT brand cement and white sugar, the corner stone of building a new modern nation, are being exported to local B2B consumers under the company's brand name SINN SHWE LI SUGAR. As a NGWE YI PA LE' Group is very proud to provide our customers with reliable, high-quality products and services. NGWE YI PALE Group of Companies are constantly striving to provide high-quality products to our customers using modern technology. 


CEMENT Co., Ltd.

NGWE YI PA LE' Cement Company Limited was first established on  (March 3, 2014) under Registration No. (130799027) of the Myanmar Directorate of Investment and Company Administration.

The CROWN brand cement plant with a minimum production capacity of 1,000 tons per day near Lauk Hpan village at Shan State Naung Hkio Township, has been commercially produced on November 1, 2013, with the approval of the Myanmar Investment Commission.

The power required for the plant is powered by diesel generators. During the operation of the Sugar Cane of the Sugar Factory, SINN SHWE LI SUGAR Factory No. 2 Inn Wine uses 15 MW of electricity. Today, the second phase of the 4,000-tons line No. 2 was approved by the Myanmar Investment Commission, which started on July 1, 2015, and is now under construction. Starting from the beginning of 2014, we have been producing CROWN CEMENT with stone, sand, Ready-mixed concrete business, which mixes raw materials under the specified standards, is located in Mandalay Region, Pyigyidagun Township Industrial (1) Park Road, 62nd Street Expanded at No. (F-1) to provide construction services.
Through the actions of CROWN CEMENT and toward a sustainable product that has positively impacted the earth that we live and work on has made those customers choose time and time again.

Due to high demand and annual shortage of cement supply in Myanmar, CROWN CEMENT Myanmar Company Limited is aggressively moving forward to meet the requirements of the country by upgrading more efficient cement plants. We are committed to strengthen and maintain our long-lasting relationship to create a better future for our country together.

Together, we are creating a strong platform for future growth, as we endeavor towards becoming the best-managed building materials business in the country and ultimately, building a strong republic.


NGWE YI PA LE' Sugar Company Limited was established on March 3, 2004, under the registration of the Myanmar Directorate of Investment and Company Administration under the SINN SHWE LI brand. Naung Hkio Township, Shan State SINN SHWE LI SUGAR Mill, which grinds 1,000 tons of sugarcane per day in Hsum Hsai Village Tract, was approved by the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) in 2008 with the permission of Myanmar Investment Commission No. 686/2008. April It was established on the 24th and has been commercially producing white sugar since May 5, 2008. During the sugarcane season, the plant uses two (1.5 MW) turbines, a by-product of the mill, to generate electricity (3 MW).
In September 2013, the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) issued a permit No. 935/2013 to build a 4,000-tonne sugarcane mill per day in Inn Wine in Village, Naung Hkio Township, Shan State. It was established on the 16th and has been commercially producing white sugar since April 1, 2015. During the sugarcane season, the plant uses two by-products (18 MW) and (12 MW) turbines, which are the by-products of the plant, to generate electricity (30 MW) and transmit (15 MW) to the CROWN CEMENT Plant through a 33KV transmission line. In addition to the well-ventilated lighting inside the sugar mills, all staff will be provided with nasal masks and headbands. Gloves are provided and dust, Protects against odors EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), SIA (Social Impact Assessment), HIA (Health Impact Assessment) are entrusted to Green Myanmar and complied with the rules and regulations.


MINING Co., Ltd.

NGWE YI PA LE' Mining Company Limited was established on (December 22, 2004) under Registration No. (155743229) of the Directorate of Investment and Companies of Myanmar. The required raw materials for the CROWN CEMENT Factory (Coal, Limestone, Gypsum, Iron Ore) have been obtained with the permission of the Ministry of Mines and are being mined on a part-time basis with Mining No. 1. 



To be the leading partner in nation-building. Taking part to create a better  life for the citizen of preserving honorable business ethics and practices.





To create value for all customers, employees and other stakeholders through standards of transparency, accountability in manufacturing while fulfilling corporate social responsibility.